What Goes Into Designing A Custom Bathroom

A Custom Bathroom For Him & Her

When designing a custom bathroom with clients, as with any space, you must first have an understanding as to what style you are working toward. I’ll cover more of that below. You also need to know your clients and make sure the bathroom meets their specific needs. For example I designed the vanity so that the countertop drops down in the center to allow for the Mrs. to sit down while putting on her makeup. On his side there is a 3x mirror, on a 12” retractable arm for shaving. Storage was also important, I took this as an opportunity to make a design impact while meeting their needs. The cabinets to the counter provide both storage & style…

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What You Can’t See..

In this case, won’t hurt you! It’ll actually make you’re life a lot more convenient. There is a lot that goes unseen when designing custom cabinetry. For example, all of the drawers have soft close glides and the doors have soft close hinges. The posts at each side of the vanity actually pull out and have spaces for makeup, nail polish, etc..Not unlike the kind of pull outs that you see in kitchens on either sides of the range for spices or cutting boards, however these are tailored to bathrooms. Also we created a drawer, specifically put on the side my client uses to dry her hair dryer (you may be right handed but that doesn’t mean you hold your hair dryer with your right hand…as you can see, I can get as custom as it gets!), so that it could always be plugged in at all times, then placed into the drawer nose first for future use. The cabinets under the sink have special pull out drawers so that no space goes unused.

It’s All In The Details…

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Every detail in this bathroom was carefully drawn, specified and selected down to the amount of knife cuts and other distress marks on the cabinet doors. As you can see on the side on the cabinet that goes to the counter top there is decorative molding. In this style of cabinetry I would never leave this blank, it’s those kinds of details that set BBD apart from the rest. The base of the cabinets have base molding with a “furniture toe” at the sink. This is actually a rather inexpensive way to get a custom look and a that furniture feel. Another detail that is very important is the type of glass going in the cabinets. The antiqued glass that was selected was done so because I wanted that look also it could allow the clients to get away with putting items in the cabinets that weren’t necessarily showcase items and the marbling of the glass made that possible. Decisions like whether or not the backsplash should be 4” or 6” (we went with 6”) actually make a big impact, as well as the edge detail of the counter top and the profile of the crown molding. All of these small details, along with the larger pieces (lighting, door style & finish, etc) make all the difference in the world and we haven’t even started on the shower and tub area!



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